Contoh Interview Bahasa Inggris

Dalam menghadapi interview bahasa inggris kita sebagai pencari kerja wajib melakukan persiapan yang lebih dibandingkan saat menghadapi interview Bahasa Indonesia. Apalagi jika perusahaan yang sedang kita lamar merupakan perusahaan asing yang memang mengharuskan para karyawannya menguasai Bahasa Inggris. Walaupun Bahasa Inggris kita pas-pasan jangan berkecil hati karena penentuan diterima atau tidaknya lamaran kita yaitu saat interview atau wawancara. Dan jika kita bisa menguasai contoh interview bahasa inggris yang sering ditanyakan pihak pewawancara kepada para pelamar seperti yang kita akan bahas di bawah ini maka peluang kita diterima di perusahaan tersebut tentu lebih besar.

Baiklah, berikut ini merupakan beberapa contoh interview bahasa inggris serta jawabannya yang cukup sering ditanyakan ketika wawancara berlangsung.

Tell me about yourself! I am Putri. My complete name is Putri Dewi. I am 22 years old. I have just graduated from Udayana University majoring in Economic Faculty. I am a fast learner and also a team player.

How do you know about this company? I know the company from the newspaper that informs marketing vacancy available in this company.

What do you know about this company? Well, this company engaged in IT field that provides IT management solutions to help the customers manage and secure their business.

Why do you want to work for this company? Based on the research I have done, this company is big and has very promising career. The marketing job will be perfect for me to grow and develop here.

Why should we hire you? I am a hard worker and a fast learner. I also have some experiences about marketing in my previous job. Therefore, I will dedicate my skill and effort to this company.

Why did you resign from your job? I resigned from my job because I am interested in a new opportunity and challenge to use my skills and experience in a different capacity than I have in the past.

What is your greatest strength? My greatest strength is my self-confidence and positive thinking.

What is your greatest weakness? I am too helpful. I am willing to help everyone and sometimes this brings me in trouble because I am late to finish my own tasks, but I have been trying to overcome it.

What problems have you encountered at work and how did you deal with them? I think the best way to deal with those problems is to meet them head on. When someone saying things that were not true behind my back I met him and discuss it through.

How much salary do you expect? Well, I understand that positions similar to this one pay in the range of 2 million rupiah to 3 million rupiah. Something in that range would be acceptable to me as a starting salary.


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